Zhangzidao group held the annual business meeting in recognition of outstanding employees


In January 5th 2017, Zhangzidao group business conference and group Day theme activities held in aloft Dalian, the General Assembly summed up the operation of the company in 2016, in-depth analysis of problems in the management, the full deployment of the key tasks in 2017, excellent team and make outstanding achievements to the battle line group and individuals to be commended, together the winning team learning experience in construction management team.

At the meeting, chairman Wu Hougang made a speech entitled "focusing on operation, energy release speed, and strive to create a new situation in the development of a comprehensive transformation of the" annual work report, the report pointed out that in 2016, Zhangzidao group by focusing on the "pre orders, standard leading, innovation driven, synergistic effect of" business principles, with precise force, outstanding service "for the operation of the main tone, and ensure a smooth performance, and safety, marine ranching resource integration platform, supply chain security platform, O2O customer service platform construction of significant progress, market development, innovation and development, processing trade and resource integration front group of outstanding performance, overall management quality achieved greatly improved.

Chairman Wu Hougang said that in 2017, Zhangzidao group will focus on the operator, can release speed. Release in the market, technology, food research and development, brand, O2O customer service platform, equipment and other aspects of the industry chain savings potential, to enhance the "resources + market" to "market + resource" and "technology + market" transformation, "ingredients to food" upgrade, international operations, the development of new formats, the industry intelligence upgrade speed, speed up the "capacity building three platform", to promote the company's influence in the industry, market competitiveness to achieve leapfrog upgrade.

Zhangzidao town mayor Dan Wenhua affirmed the Zhangzidao group in 2016 in the industry achievements in his speech, gain confidence, the power savings. He hoped the Zhangzidao group should firmly grasp the relevant policies of marine economic development opportunities countries, cities and counties, give full play to the advantages, not forget the early heart, as the initiative to promote the optimization and upgrading of the structure of the enterprise, promote the quality and efficiency of operation. He said, the town Party committee and government will as in the past to support and promote the Zhangzidao group to overcome difficulties, remodeling brilliant.

Changhai County standing committee, deputy mayor Shi Liang delivered an important speech that Zhangzidao group is a flag County Changhai marine economy, consumer acceptance, market operation and management level have reached a very high level. I hope Zhangzidao group can stand in a new starting point, continue to develop innovative ideas, make a difference in the construction of Changhai County in the process of international ecological island. The county government will continue to support the island group in the future development, and firmly believe that Zhangzidao group will in the market economy in the vast ocean to develop more powerful, more brilliant achievements to promote economic development in Changhai county.

The same day, the general assembly also commended the outstanding performance of advanced collectives and individuals on behalf of 2016 annual work: the practice of "processing trade +" business model, grab orders, supply security, performance record of Tongyuan company; in the "Internet plus" tide extension mode, push the brand and creating explosive goods, become online the main business of the fresh water in the world; the leading breeding standards, good grasp of sales opportunity, double harvest profit Ningde abalone aquaculture company; there is in the fierce market competition, the sea cucumber contrarian breakthrough to create excellent performance of sea cucumber Sales Department Dalian model salesman Zhang Xiuming; a dedication, meticulous and efficient agony, Zhangzidao the center of the island of cold model to monitor sun Guohua; truth stable staff, improve production technology, to create a seedling output records of Long Island model company director Ma Yuzhong; love Rongcheng Zhai Nali food factory, workshop director system model, the courage to play, resolutely to protect for the depth of Hokkaido; resources and production line, with service market and supply chain business pioneer, Overseas Trade Group CEO Assistant Jiang Tao hundred-percent executive group strategy. They are Zhangzidao spirit practitioner, is the group leader on the road.