Zhangzidao group was awarded the "China aquaculture Kunpeng Award


January 7th -8, the 2016 annual meeting of China aquatic products held in Beijing. During the meeting, held a 2016 annual China aquaculture enterprises and promote the characters Festival, Zhangzidao group won the "Kun Peng prize" - "Chinese aquaculture industry to promote the enterprise", chairman Wu Hougang won the "Kun Peng prize" - "Chinese aquaculture fan character" honorary title.

The conference organized by the National Fisheries Technology Extension Station, sponsored by Chinese Fisheries Magazine, Chinese Aquatic Center for new media, to upgrade and challenge Chinese aquaculture fishery as the theme, with wisdom as the starting point, to effectively overcome the predicament of the whole industry chain, with a new attitude to the new opportunities for the development of fishery Chinese. Outstanding problems in nearly 400 domestic aquaculture academicians and experts, representatives of leading enterprises gathered were on the industry concerned, in 2016 summed up the development of aquaculture experience at the same time, a full range of pre 2017 trend of aquatic products.

Congress, Zhangzidao Group Chairman Wu Hougang as "the construction of sustainable development of marine ranching" keynote speech, sharing of exploration and practice in the field of marine ranching Zhangzidao group. The sea ranch combines the characteristics of nature conservation and proliferation of resources, is a new type of marine ecological system based on production format, its products are natural, safe and nutritious, the mode of production is environmentally friendly and sustainable, accord with the feature of "ecological civilization". Practice has proved that Zhangzidao group 30 years of marine ranching, can be achieved in the large-scale construction of marine ranching is the China.
With the rapid growth of the global population, the global food supply situation is grim. Chairman Wu Hougang believes that the land arable land and freshwater resources increasingly tense, the bearing capacity of land ecological system is difficult to meet the growing demand for food, the construction of ecological system based on level of marine ranching is to meet the great project of human food demand, has the broad prospects.

At present, the fishery of our country is in a critical period of transition from traditional to modern, traditional extensive land-based pollution and fishery industry, city as a result of serious decline of fishery resources, the deterioration of ecological environment, water fishery development space is limited, therefore, Congress Chairman Wu Hougang launched the "green ecological fishery initiative, called on the industry to join hands that way, aquaculture production mode of resource utilization, optimizing development layout and product structure, actively participate in the development of green ecological fishery in order to achieve the development goals of China fishery green, health, ecology and the common struggle.
It is understood that the "roc Award" for the 2016 annual meeting of China aquatic launched strong aquaculture industry awards, the award is not only the honor award of the aquaculture industry is the development trend of the overall inventory and combing the aquaculture industry, to encourage enterprises and individuals who have made outstanding contribution to the development of the industry, to provide authoritative guidance and reference in order for the development of China aquaculture and related industries. Li is the founder of Fisheries in the Warring States era, the "fish" is the world's first monograph to fish, an important role in the development of the history of the world's fish aquaculture industry, the.